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TFP: Fateful Encounter
Fateful Encounter
Orion/Optimus x Ratchet
fluffy fluff fluff
(Please see author notes below)
Orion started when the doors whirred open, admitting a frightfully stern-looking mech. He'd unlocked the archives barely a klik ago; patrons rarely visited so early.
He wasn't even supposed to be down here, as his duties kept him busy on the upper levels, but he easily remembered the unique thrill of guiding patrons through the huge collection of data. His work could wait just a bit longer.
"Hello," he said warmly, optics widening as the mech stormed past. "...Hello?"
"Yes, thank you," the mech said absently before turning to dive down a row of shelves.
Curiously Orion followed, peeking around the corner to find the mech rummaging frantically through a set of files. A medic, then; and most likely a student, considering this area was intermediate studies on Cybertronian biology. "Can I help you find something?"
The medic glanced up in surprise, looking him over quickly with a wry grin before ret
:iconfulcrumisthebomb:Fulcrumisthebomb 85 37
Babysitting CM
Title: Babysitting
Pairing(s): None
Rating: PG
Warnings: fluff, humor(?), TFP

Ratchet had never been so pissed off with his teammates in his life and his teammates had never been more terrified of his wrath. He was practically screaming at them and the humans for messing with his medical tools. The medic had a few trinkets that he never wanted anyone to touch, not even him due to their instability. Now, because Miko had been playing with his things, they accidently fired off his age ray… which ended hitting Optimus right in the back, turning him from the great Autobot leader to a sparkling that was Rafael's size with a five year old childish mentality.
He had kicked everyone out of the base so he could work on his gun in peace. He was no weapons specialist, but he knew how to construct certain gadgets, something he had picked up from his friends back before the war. He was in his quarters with the now sparkling Optimus sitting on the floor, making little coo noises as h
:iconthebigloserqueen:TheBigLoserQueen 50 32
Optimus Prime's Revenge, part 2--A TFP Story
     Summary: sequel to “You Need To Laugh More”. Optimus Prime gets his revenge on the Autobots, as well as the humans, and attacks them individually.
    Transformers Prime © Hasbro
    Lily and Kylie © Me

    Optimus Prime was fairly pleased that their human companions told him to do Ratchet next on his quest for revenge. Already he had juicy ideas flooding his mind-processor, and he mentally debated on which idea would convince Ratchet to get him right where he wants him until he came up with the perfect idea. It had been such a long time since the two messed with each other, and Ratchet had already made his play.
    Now it was Optimus’s turn.
:iconninja-formersjunkie:Ninja-FormersJunkie 33 40
ANGRY FEMMES--Optimus Prime vs. Orion Pax :iconninja-formersjunkie:Ninja-FormersJunkie 87 83 Just Let Him Have The Wrench! :iconninja-formersjunkie:Ninja-FormersJunkie 61 59 Raphael Wants To Ask You Something :iconninja-formersjunkie:Ninja-FormersJunkie 125 130
A/N – TMNT 2012, set directly after the finale. Spoilers abound.
The impromptu dance party we had thrown ourselves to celebrate saving the world was winding to a close. Sensei excused himself over an hour ago saying that his head was aching after his set-to with the Shredder. He gave me a strange look before he slid apart the shoji separating his room from the dojo. It seemed as though he was carrying the weight of a new, heavy burden, but I was sure he would tell us in his own time. Trying to make Sensei talk when he doesn’t want to is like trying to break through a brick wall using your own head as a battering ram; painful, pointless, and not worth the inevitable headache.
I shook myself out of my funk, and turned back to my remaining family. This…this was a time to have fun, to unwind from the day’s terrible pressure, and, let’s be honest, pat ourselves on the backs a little. My brothers had been amazing today, and I couldn’t be more p
:iconowlbee:OwlBee 38 26
If i stay~ TMNT
Summary: Shredder has been defeated but at a price, and Mikey falls into a coma afterwards. Will he ever wake up? One-shot. Brotherly-fluff. 
Rating: T 
Warnings: Small spoilers of the movie 'if I stay'!
~can't break the silence, it's breaking me~
There were soft noises all around me. The cold floor was sending shivers down my spine. The light shining into my eyes was blinding, the noises were annoying around me. Every second the same beeping sound.
Beep, beep, beep.
I groaned slightly and tried to move my arms but somehow my body wouldn't react to me. It was like everything had been shut down and my body couldn't do anything. And how hard I tried, I couldn't move anything. So I just stayed where I was, lying on the cold ground, listening to the annoying sounds all around me.
Minutes went by and I started to wonder where I was, and most importantly why. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember anything. The last thing I know was being in the lair with m
:iconathese1:Athese1 22 28
Behind The Darkness CH5 PG77 :icongz-studio:GZ-studio 170 60 Tmnt Personality Switch on turtles :icondragona15:Dragona15 535 214 Tmnt Leo VS Spike - Put Him Down :icondragona15:Dragona15 740 174 Renaissance :iconsugarup:SugarUP 307 85 Brother :iconsugarup:SugarUP 375 121 Donnie loves his good lovely brothers :iconneko-mirichan:Neko-mirichan 641 228 Buzz Buzz? :iconsugarup:SugarUP 227 86 Lord Of The Rings :iconsugarup:SugarUP 152 141


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Hi everyone! I will soon add story I'm workong on. Sorry it took me so long,but I had no inspiration. :D


Czech Republic


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